Klaus Mull, Germany

Klaus Mull, Germany
I was born in 1954 in beautiful Wolfshagen in the Oberharz Nature Park between the rivers Oker, Innerste, Söse, and Grane. I moved to Cologne quite early on. Here the rivers are called Sieg, Bröl, Agger and Sülz, not to mention the Rhine With so much water in my immediate vicinity and my love of being close to the water, it was only a matter of time before I started fishing.
At some point, I was given a more or less scrap-worthy, nameless Splitcane rod with an almost rotten DT line. With a little linseed oil from my father, it became supple again through intensive rubbing. On my next birthday, I was given a cardboard Bavaria-flies from Angel Gees in Cologne.
Now there was no stopping me. The last few months, I had been “flogging” like crazy in the garden and yes, I was subjected to the ridicule of the neighbours’ family and friends … what friends? Since the wild throwing exercises in the garden, I was watched very suspiciously and they probably decided to observe the “goings-on” from a distance for the time being. I don’t want to use the term “forbidden contact” at this point. Everything changed apruptly when I brought home a nice brown trout from the Sülz with a “Püttlach” #14 from the aforementioned Bavaria cardboard. From then on it started. From then on, the family knew what to give me for Christmas, confirmation, and birthdays. The list was long and somehow I have the feeling that 50 years later the list is still long. Then came glass rods and later the graphite rods. Yes, and now, after so many years of fly fishing, I have actually come back to bamboo via glass. Regression? No! Of course not. For me, this is where my own personal circle comes full circle with certain aspirations, and that’s a good thing.
At a young age, I discovered my great love for Scandinavian countries. As soon as I could, I bought a car and set off for Sweden. Hiking along the rivers with a fly rod and mosquito net is still the greatest thing for me today. If it’s above the Arctic Circle then it’s perfect for me. What else is missing? Yes, of course, fly tying. Something I didn’t really want to do. That was a little more than 25 years ago. I went to a regulars’ table and met a group of fishermen who, under the leadership of Rudi Kollasch from Eitorf, had fly tying as their topic. That evening I entered a new world connected with my own terminology. That evening I tied my first rabbit-eared nymph with Rudi. Equipped with “Bobbin, Whip Finisher, Dubbing” and tools I puzzled over for a long time. I drove home with words and terms I had never heard before. At the car before leaving, Rudi said: Klaus: “You have to examine all materials for possible use in fly tying”, tips like “comb out carpets with a wire brush or examine the lining of fur coats and stuffing material of stuffed animals. You do have children, don’t you? What can I say? A new hobby… well not cutting up stuffed animals but fly tying had reached me. Today I see it as a valuable and important building block to fishing and the entomological expertise that comes with it as a success enhancer.
For this weekend I wanted to tie flies for sea trout fishing in the rivers/floodplains and nearshore areas. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming event and hopefully can contribute something to its success. Likewise, I would be very happy to have you visit me at my tying bench. I only tie patterns that you will also find in my fly box.
See you around