Rod building

Do you have a damaged fly rod or would you like to refurbish your rod? Have you always wanted to build a fly rod or to know more about doing so? Do you know what the components are for building a rod? Question after question … here you can get the answers.

Visit the rod building workshop at Bending Feathers.
There you can show your damaged fishing rod and get advice from the Sebastian and Melanie Kiebist team about what can be done. The team can carry out the work either immediately, overnight, or during the winter months.

You can also learn all about building various models and get ideas for your own fly rod. You will find all materials and components to build your own rod. That is an interesting and pleasant activity, particularly in the autumn and winter seasons.

Further information about Rod Repair, Rod Tuning, and Rod Modification available at the Bending Feathers 2022

Possible on location:

  • Changing tiptop *

Also possible with our receiving the rod on Saturday and your picking it up on Sunday: **
(Perhaps possible on the same day with handover before 10:00 am)

  • Replacement of individual guides
  • Mounting a hook keeper
  • Repair of chips in finish of blank
  • Personalising – labeling

Repair and Modification Service:

  • Change the grip
  • Alter grip shape
  • Change the reel-seat
  • Broken blank ***
  • Adding trim wraps

⇒ We will complete these repairs and changes within 4 weeks. The rod can be picked up at our location or sent to you.


Price: Material + labor (show special)

Important! Not all repairs are possible, but we try to do everything possible and necessary.


* Depending on our having the appropriate tiptop.
** Dependent on agreement at handover.
*** Not always possible, but we will gladly advise you.