Cancellation of Bending Feathers 2024 and postponement to 2025

Dear friends of Bending Feathers,

Sadly, we have to postpone this year’s fly tying symposium to November 2025. Unfortunately, according to the Public Holidays Act (FTG) in the Bavarian Collection of Laws in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, the general sale and holding of entertainment events on public holidays (for us this would be the Sunday of the Dead (17 November 2024)) is not permitted.

We had hoped to find a solution, but it would have been difficult to organise the Bending Feathers under the given circumstances. As we have not been able to find a new date and suitable location in the short time available, we will be postponing the Bending Feathers for another year. We will keep you up to date.

Thank you for your understanding.


Extract from the law on the protection of Sundays and public holidays (Public Holidays Act – FTG) in the Bavarian Collection of Laws (BayRS 1131-3-I)
Art. 3 Quiet days
(2) On quiet days, public entertainment events are only permitted if the serious character corresponding to these days is preserved. 2Sports events are, however, permitted, except on Good Friday and on the Day of Prayer and Repentance. 3On Good Friday, musical performances of any kind are also prohibited in rooms with public houses.